About Finishline Productions

Finishline Productions is a Redding, CA based company that provides Internet development, hosting, and company identity options. Although our company is small, we provide excellent, personal, and superior service.

Founded in 1995 as a hobby, Randy Krohn, and avid Drag Boat Racing fan began taking pictures of drag boats at racing events. After rolls upon rolls of film, he discovered the Internet as a great avenue to show off his photos for all the world to see. After a couple years of posting photos on a basic website, he decided to move onto a more professional approach and registered the name "Dragboats.com". 13 years later, Dragboats.com is the most popular website dedicated to the sport of Drag Boat Racing.

Along the way, many friends saw the ability that Randy possessed to produce really nice artwork and websites, Finishline Productions was born. Officially started in 1997, Finishline Productions grew from just shared hosting with a local hosting company, to owning a full-fledged enterprise level server. Finishline Productions has evolved, as technology has evolved, and today produces some of the most dazzling sites on the Internet.

Finishline is not just a web company. Randy is a professional photographer. From shooting 335 MPH Top Fuel Dragsters to Portraits, to Product Photography. Equipped with state of the art equipment, Finishline Productions can capture the finest quality pictures of anything.